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Recent stats have shown that having two company founders (instead of just one) significantly increases your odds of success. You will raise 30% more investment, grow your customers 3 times as fast, and will be less likely to scale too fast.

Imagine great people…

Being able to rely on each other is a key factor for success. And that’s with just one partner. Imagine the results you would get if you rely on a team. Of course, it has to be the right team, at the right jobs, at the right time.

The explosion of startups is both a good and a bad thing. In fact, a recent study by Accenture found that more than half (56%) of Canadian entrepreneurs plan to create jobs in 2014, yet 61% see the lack of specialized skills as the top barrier for bringing more young workers into their companies. The demand for great people has significantly outstripped the supply.

A new core strength thrown into the mix

As an entrepreneur, you know how to build a product (or service) and how to sell and advertise that product (or service). Now you need to build a recruiting strategy. But you need to recruit differently because of the shortage of talent on the market.

You constantly need to advertise your company through networking, conferences and events. Because talented employees are already working, your role is to entice them away from their current jobs to work for you!

The word on the street

Build a reputation that precedes you for all the right reasons. Treat your employees well. In short, own a positive message in order to have people want to work for you.

Let me share a few tips:

  1. Always be prepared with a few stories of your company’s success.
  2. Get invited to speak at events.
  3. Be professional all the time.
  4. Share your expertise via blogs or other social media platforms.
  5. Network.
  6. Follow-up with those you meet and those you think would be good additions to your business (Keep them warm).

Victims of our own success

Orders have tripled over the last twelve months; you need more storage space; you need new machinery; you’ve cancelled your vacation over and over again. You are swamped!

Yet, you lack the resources and time to make ends meet.

Don’t be a  victim of your own success. Work on developing your recruiting skills and be good at it as you already are with the rest of your business.

Don’t have time for that either? Think of hiring a consultant!






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