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HR Consulting for Small Business

As a business owner, are you feeling stressed out by the amount of human resource work you’re doing each month as you grow?

Are the Controller or Administrator responsible for HR for a small business, but stretched thin with your responsibilities and simply not finding time to take on any more HR-related work?

As a result, the plan to develop an employee training program, or a good policies handbook, or getting to the root of recent morale issues among staff may fall to the wayside. Its not that these things are not important, you simply have too much on your plate.

Yet you know that chronic neglect of HR will begin to take its toll  on the company’s growth.

Ignoring HR responsibilities is a ticking time-bomb.

It’s time to get some help!

Many growing small businesses decide that HR consulting is a great solution to bridge the gap and get HR issues resolved. Investing in a part-time HR consultant enables the business to stay focused on their strengths and avoid compliance penalties or productivity issues that stem from neglect of HR.

How we can help?

We partner with you, the small business leadership team, to manage your human resources issues. That way, you don’t get bogged down with time consuming HR work. HR consulting for your small business means you tap our expertise. Your people issues get handled promptly and effectively. We act as your outsourced HR department so you can focus on what YOU do best – growing your company!

Let’s get more specific on how HR consulting can benefit your business:

Help with the recruitment process

A company’s profitability and growth rests on the strength of the team. Recruitment is not easy, and the cost of making the wrong hire can seriously damage a business. On top of the financial commitment, new hires require onboarding. And the average new hire takes 6 – 8 months to reach full productivity. A successful recruitment process is detailed, tedious and time consuming. Evaluating essential skills, employment history, communication skills, cultural fit, and attitude are part of the skill set of an HR consultant. They are familiar with what can and cannot be asked during the interview. They have recruitment down to a fine art. HR consulting services can also help a business to understand what it takes to attract the best people, today and into the future.

Reduce staff turnover

High employee turnover is expensive. It impacts productivity, morale, and employee engagement. Companies that gain a reputation for high turnover have difficulties recovering from this image, and this damages recruitment efforts. Improving retention begins with improved recruitment. But also managing today’s workforce means ensuring that employees feel listened to, appreciated and supported. HR consultants can advise on these areas to make sure a company is running smoothly, the employees are engaged and motivated, and most importantly, the company is able to meet its growth opportunities!

Assist with organizational change

Change can seem a constant in today’s rapid-fire business environment. But when change isn’t handled delicately and with precision, companies can experience widespread negative effects. By nature, people are resistant to change. Organizational change must be communicated clearly, slowly and tactfully, while the situation is kept under control. HR consultants are specialists in change management, and they can help with mergers, acquisitions and restructures. They can also assist with the introduction of new processes, particularly in relation to performance management.

Develop employee reward and recognition plans

Employee reward and recognition programs are highly correlated with employee satisfaction and higher retention levels. There are good plans and weak plans. You want to make sure your bonus and incentive plans are well thought out so they then work for the business. HR consultants can help you create a balanced benefits package, and assist in its roll it out.

Detect and resolve employee engagement concerns

Strong positive employee engagement has been linked to increased productivity, morale and initiative taking – all key elements in growth and profitability. What steps are your company taking to make sure employee engagement and employee experience are top of the list? A consultation with an experienced HR professional can open your eyes to the latest research and best practice on employee engagement. Plus HR consultants can help your business design and launch engagement surveys and hold focus groups. This will help you pinpoint areas for improvement, which will significantly improve long-term employee engagement and retention rates.

Help with performance management

Performance management has changed a lot in recent years. The annual performance appraisals have fallen by the wayside. In their place are agile performance management practices. When a company decides to hire an HR consultant, this professional can help you design a new appraisal process, develop competency frameworks and ensure you have a suitable goal-setting process. Paying attention to performance management means you will benefit from more motivated employees, who are more empowered to carry out the function of their roles.

Improve adherence to compliance

Employment laws are constantly evolving. Staying up to date is a time consuming near-impossible feat. HR consultants can offer peace of mind in this area, and help avoid legal fines. It is their business to know about the current laws regarding hiring, firing, and health and safety processes.

What people have said about Aline Ayoub HR Consulting

Tina Guarracino

Tina Guarracino

Ayoub manages our Human Resources from Toronto, and as an international company her HR leadership is an integral part of our success. We highly recommend Aline Ayoub HR.
— Tina Guarracino, Director of Operations North America, Be Relax Airport Spas

Dena Marcos CHRP

Dena Marcos CHRP

Aline Ayoub mentored our internationally trained HR professional clients who were looking to integrate into the Canadian Labour Market. Their 4-month mentoring relationship with Aline led them to secure employment in their fields! I highly recommend Aline Ayoub HR!
— Dena Marcos CHRP, Job Skills Professional Training & Coaching

Marylou Heenan

Marylou Heenan

Aline Ayoub is a passionate and gifted business coach – whether it be a new career or opening a business. She provided coaching support to me which resulting in my finding the ideal position in a new industry very quickly. She is a delight to work with!
— Marylou Heenan, Financial Advisor Assante Capital Management

Monica Weissmann

Monica Weissmann

Aline Ayoub’s experience, people skills, creativity and empathy make her an exceptional HR Consultant. Don’t miss out … Hire her!
— Monica Weissmann, Financial Advisor, Manulife Securities

Aleyna Z. Dar

Aleyna Z. Dar

We highly recommend Aline Ayoub HR! Her firm is responsive, professional and invested in our success.
She’s passionate and knowledgeable about what she does.
— Aleyna Z. Dar, Business Development Manager, Alta E-Solutions