Why you need to lead differently?

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Close your eyes for a few seconds.

Imagine yourself mobilizing others to make extraordinary things happen while building meaningful relationships in the process. That’s your leadership at its best.

What makes great leaders today?

The 21st century is more global, digitally enabled and transparent. Nothing big gets done without some kind of complex metric.

Relying on traditional, narrow 360-degree surveys or outdated performance criteria will give you false positives. It makes you think that you’re more prepared than you really are.

Leadership is not about a set of skills and abilities, or a model that you must follow in order to be a great leader. It’s about personality.

High demand for transparency

Leader “game faces” are no longer applicable. Game faces are shown to the world, but everyone knows them as inauthentic. People demand transparency, which stems from our instantly connected constituents.

As workplaces become increasingly flattened and transparent, and Millenials exercise their demands for transparency, demands for authenticity grow larger and larger.

The Social Age

Social media and globalization has a great influence on leadership. More than 2.5 trillion text messages were sent in 2013.

Generational and cultural diversity also have a great impact on leadership. As such, leaders must learn how to deal with a combination of four generations in the workplace, as well as employees from around the world.

While business success has always depended on the organization’s ability to promote an engaging culture, it’s no longer an option in the social age. Now it’s the only way a company can remain agile and responsive to the environment. It’s creating a culture where people feel a sense of belonging and purpose.


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