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Be Real And Inspirational (be) Noticeable

Did you know there are seven billion human brains on the planet? Yet, how it works is still a mystery for many. Of course, there are people like Alan Evans, expert in brain imaging at the Montreal Neurological Institute, who will say ‘available computer power is at a point where it can allow for a more comprehensive and realistic model of what’s actually going on in the brain’.

In his book ‘Winning Body Language for Sales professionals’, Mark Bowden compares human brain to reptilian ancestors. He says ‘the simple, instinctual brain gets first bite at all data. This aspect of the brain senses the immediate surroundings, and based on what it detects, quickly instructs the body to respond and react.’ I am not a scientist. I admit I cannot comprehend how human brain can be reproduced in such a way it will respond to the stimuli instinctively.

What I do know is how destructive we can be towards ourselves, simply by allowing our inner voice to take control over what is real.

My mission is to teach people how to believe in themselves and turn-off that mental self-destructive behavior.

I’ve been managing my own Human Resources consultancy firm and quickly realized the truth in the adage ‘everything is possible as long as you put your mind into it’. You remember that inner voice?

Tips on gaining control of your thoughts:

  1. Be real. Be real to yourself and to others. Don’t lie about your qualifications or what you are capable of doing. The truth always comes out! People will still deal with you if you admit you cannot deliver on something. However, they will look for somebody else if you promise you can and then drop the ball.
  2. Be unique. You cannot build your personal brand while pretending you are someone else. To create a strong personal brand, you want to find yourself. Discover your strengths. Build on your expertise. Remember you are the brand.
  3. Find your mission. Write it down. Share it with others. Having a mission allows you to remain focused on everything you do. Your mission is your anchor in case you drift away from your real-self. Be an inspiration to others.
  4. Give permission to your DNA to shine. Deliver on your actions. Stay true to your values. Get noticed by what you do differently from others.
  5. Live a fulfilled life. Only you know how it feels.

Remember: your life is not a rehearsal. This is reality. If you have a road map, you will be in better control of your stimuli.


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