Don’t let your leader-ship sink

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The world did not end on December 21. This was not the end of the world after all. It was just not real.

What is real is the tough economic climate and its impact on job loss. According to Statistic Canada, unemployment rate in Canada was 7.1% last December 2012. However, underemployed Canadians rate is not measured. And it should.

What is real is International qualified professionals are not finding jobs in their area of expertise. What is real is the Canadian marketplace is misplacing talent. Talent that can be used a lot more wisely and play a better role contributing to the economic growth.

It boils down to a better match between the job and the candidate. It boils down to a thorough assessment of the candidate fit within an organization.

A clearer alignment upfront of what is expected will contribute to a more stable workforce and attract the proper talent.

Steps to insure proper match between yourself and the job:

1.Make sure there is a well written job description. The job description should identify the tasks, key responsibilities; list the knowledge, skills and abilities, covers employment conditions and physical conditions.

2.Search the Company and learn about their business, their brand, and their values. Read their financial reports and get an understanding of their financial health.

3.Have an effective résumé that represents well yourself, your skills and abilities.

4.Have a personal brand statement (elevator pitch).

5.Be ready for the interview. Prepare to talk about your skills and abilities. How they align with the job and demonstrate how you can contribute to the organization.

6.If it is your first job in Canada:
– Focus on your unique job expertise and cultural perspectives.
– Ask about the on-boarding process. You want to join an organization supportive of diversity. An organization that recognizes the added-value of International workforce with mentoring activities, on-the-job learning and networking opportunities in place.

Remember: you are the leader of your career. Make sure you stay afloat and focused on where you want to go. Don’t let it sink.

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