The power of twitter on your brand.

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On his first day back to parliament, on January 28, Prime Minister Stephen Harper shared every moment of his day on twitter. This made the headlines. It felt different to follow the Prime Minister in his intimacy. Is he rebranding his image? It certainly got the attention of many people.

Why should you use twitter? And why is this site valuable to your personal brand?

According to the DG Daily news, user growth rate is itself growing .In 2011, instead of a 300,000-per-day level of new users, Twitter is now averaging 15 million per month, or around 500,000 each and every day. Sure, this is content in 140 characters or less, but the sheer volume alone is enough to make twitter an extremely valuable tool for building your personal brand.

What value Twitter adds to your brand?

1. You market and sell your personal brand.
twitter is a great way to share your expertise with more than millions of people across the world. Be consistent with your message. Build your audience by providing them with tools and resources to the benefit of their growth.

2. You communicate with potential clients or employers.
twitter is not only a medium to simply share content, but to discuss it as well. You share opinions and ideas with clients or employers. You can also grow your client base and bring your business to a global platform. Keep in mind to stay true to your values when you communicate.

3. You get information on your competitors.
Pay attention to what your competitors say. Very often, they will tell you who they met. What projects they are working on. You will also read about their challenges. Use all this information to your advantage.

4. You increase your traffic to your website or blog.
Send your posts on Twitter. Direct your followers to your website. You will be amazed of how you will increase your visibility online.

5. You reach out to the world.
Do a search for your hobbies and interests. You will start connecting with people around the world, who share the same hobbies or interests.

Always keep in mind to stay true to your brand. Be consistent with what you stand for. Make sure people recognize you when they read about you.

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