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In his book What Matters Now, Gary Hamel talks about reclaiming the noble. Since a noble purpose inspires sacrifice, stimulates innovation, and encourages perseverance, then why the ideals that matters most to human beings are the ones notably absent in managerial discourse? Why words like love, devotion and honor are so seldom heard in corporate organizations?

How would a CEO react if he (she) hears all what his (her) company needs is love? What if senior executives feel their company has a love deficit?

What if employees felt the love? What if managers paid attention to their staff as human being as opposed to revenue generators?

Reclaiming the noble will certainly revolutionize the workplace behaviors. It will increase employee engagement, make people more aware of each other, promote teamwork, increase productivity and decrease absenteeism. It will make people watching for each other and as a result, watching for the company’s assets and growth.

Watching for each other go as far as watch for signs of domestic abuse. According to Statistic Canada, 1 in 5 Canadians have experienced some form of emotional or financial abuse in their current or previous relationships. Watch for signs of domestic abuse and provide information to help those employees affected will result in increased productivity, improve attendance, greater performance and less disruption by personal phone calls and emails.

So what if your workplace pioneered adding to its day to day business words like love, devotion and honor?

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