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Kivuto Solutions, provider of digital distribution solutions, is a global industry located in Ottawa. The company was presented with Employer Excellence award by Hiring Immigrants Ottawa (HIO) for integrating immigrants in the Ottawa area.

More than one-half of its 85 employees were born outside of Canada and its employee base reflects its global reach.

How did they achieve this?

  1. It’s not only Canadians who are hiring managers.  New Canadians from various cultures are supervisors.
  2. The company has simplified their interview questions to avoid misunderstandings, and tries to avoid acronyms and cultural based expressions.
  3. Since ideas for making process improvement is encouraged, employees with PH D are also being hired. They are placed in temporary positions allowing to draw from their experience and skills, until such time a position becomes available in their field.
  4. Kivuto also uses resources such as In-TAC (International Talent Acquisition Centre), a community organization that helps immigrants find jobs in their area of expertise.

This initiative is now facilitated through the Federal Skilled Worker Program. In fact, the Minister of State (Science and Technology) Gary Goodyear announced that Canada intends to accept up to 1,000 international PhD students per year as permanent residents through the Federal Skilled Worker Program,

“Doctoral graduates play a unique role in the economy. They drive research, encourage innovation and pass on their knowledge through teaching,” he said. “And quite simply, Canada needs more of them.”

To be eligible, they must have completed at least two years of study toward the attainment of a PhD and remain in good academic standing at a provincially recognized post-secondary educational institution in Canada. Those who have recently graduated from a Canadian PhD program will also be eligible to apply, provided they do so within 12 months of their graduation.

“This initiative will provide Canadian universities with one more competitive edge in attracting and retaining top international talent to pursue their doctoral studies in Canada,” said Paul Davidson, President of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. “We welcome this announcement.”

International students account for about one-quarter of the students enrolled in Canadian PhD programs.

Attracting Global Talent is Key to Canada’s Economic Future.

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