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Make Your Employees Love You

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For the last two and a half years, the volume of change has been exponential.  At a time when resilience, collaboration, and the desire to perform at the highest level, change has taken a toll on employees. Employees are feeling confused, vulnerable, and fractured.  Most employers think that communicating the change is enough. It is no longer the case. This […]

How Toxic Employees Can Keep You Out of Trouble

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Avoiding a toxic hire, or letting one go quickly, delivers $12,500 in cost savings. A Harvard Business School study of more than 60,000 employees found that “a superstar performer–one that models desired values and delivers consistent performance” brings in more than $5,300 in cost savings to a company. Amazon is known for its demanding work environment and because of this, all employees […]

Business Owners Don’t Confront Workplace Harassment at Their Peril

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The threat of a workplace or sexual harassment claim, makes most business owners shudder. And the thought of having to handle one is a sure-fired way to feel a spike in your heart rate. It’s so much easier to not think about the possible existence of these issues in your workplace, to be deluded by a dangerous complacency. Consider this. […]

Three Easy Steps to Become an Employer of Choice

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That is undeniable. The world is in turmoil, and with it, the job market. More than ever before, employees are playing a key role in organizations. Simply put, employees who feel recognized and supported are the happiest. They are also the most likely to stay with the same company. As proof, the companies that have been recognized in 2023 with […]

Love your employees and prevent ‘quiet quitting’

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The past year has seen several post-Covid workforce trends. The first was the ‘great resignation’, with around 20% of employees planning to leave their jobs in 2022. More recently, the topic of `quiet quitting` has been in the news – it’s a concept popularized on TikTok in which employees do their job but do not do it beyond what is […]

How Conflict Management Can Help You Predict the Future at Work

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This article provides solutions on how to solve conflicts amongst employees. Learn how to foster collaboration and diversity. Organizations are made up of employees who differ in personal characteristics and experience. To be effective as an organization, those members must reach agreements on goals, make good decisions about how to achieve these goals, and help each other accomplish their activities […]

Are Your Employees Fearing To Returning To The Workplace?

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No one was prepared for this. And now that confinement is slowly subsiding, the incline of employers is to go back to where they left it in March 2020. It was working well before so why changing it? The reality is that employees are no longer the same. In fact, employees fear returning to the workplace. The complacency with which […]

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Leading From A Place of Empathy

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On March 6, I flew to Halifax for a ten-day business trip. Social conventions had already started to change during my stay. Shake hands were scarce, people tended to stay away from each other, and the rush for toilet paper was already in the headlines. It was the Purell era for me. It was upon my return to Toronto on […]

Reopening for Business in 3 Steps. Hands on DEC(k) Deprogram. Experiment. Communicate.

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On March 24, the government of Ontario requested the closure of non-essential workplaces due to the COVID-19. As a result, restarting the economy will be guided by the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health and public health officials. Flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances are essential to the small businesses and employers continued success. Throughout […]

COVID-19 is for HR what Y2K was for IT

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The pandemic the world is going through is directly linked to climate change. And while we are recognizing that COVID-19 is a rehearsal for entrepreneurial approaches to climate change, we are heavily impacted by the chaos and rapid changes we are going through. At the same time, the coronavirus brought out human resiliency and ability to act in an emergency. […]

The Gains and Losses of COVID-19 on Your Business

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We are undoubtedly living the biggest disruption in all aspects of our lives. Right now, the workplace is going through a major shit of paradigms. In fact, how people work requires to reinvent itself on a daily basis. Needless to say that the situation is fluid and unforeseeable. There is so much to worry about right now. COVID-19 is impacting […]

HR Tool-box to Grow Your Small Business

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At Aline Ayoub HR Consulting, we believe in a bright and successful future.  The only caveat to this belief is that success does not come knocking at your door. In fact, you need to build that door. In this article, we will help you with identifying the tools you need. Our goal is to help you build that door with […]

The Rippling Effects of Holidays Parties

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It’s that time of year where employers are planning to offer a holiday evening to their employees. You are challenged by the desire of offering a memorable party, while avoiding excesses and inappropriate behaviour. There are so many factors to consider! How to control alcohol consumption? Can recreational cannabis be banned? What to do in case of inappropriate behaviour. Basic […]


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