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Did you know that 20% of turnover can happen within 45 days of employment? On-boarding is critical. You need to make it a priority in order to avoid losing the talent you’ve just hired. What’s more shocking are the results of Allied Workforce Mobility Survey

  • Almost 30% of companies reported that it takes a year or longer for a new employee to reach full productivity.
  • 25% of companies said their on-boarding program did not include any kind of training.
  • And 60% of companies indicated they don’t set any milestones or goals for new hires.

Let me share with you some tools I’ve helped clients of mine to implement.

Great the New Employee as a Guest

Similar to when you have a new guest and make him/her feel comfortable, you need to welcome your new employee like he/she is coming to your house for the first time.

Let them visit the facility. Introduce them to their co-workers. Organize a monthly get together for newbies. Ask them how they are feeling after a few weeks on the job. What do they need? How can you help them?

Prepare Desk and Equipment

Avoid productivity loss and make sure that everything – from the desk, office supplies, security badges, computer passwords, phone numbers, and access keys – are prepared for your new employee. Remember…you want them to feel at home.

Prepare a Schedule for Meetings with Business Partners

Set up meetings with subject-matter experts so the new employee can grasp the organization’s goals, policies and practices. It’s important that the new employee understands how he/she can add value to those business partners.

 Set Clear Expectations

There is nothing worth hiding your expectations from new employee. You hired that person to help you with your business. You obviously recognized a void and were looking at accelerating your growth.  Outline the milestones and goals you want to reach. Go over the evaluation form in great length. What are the objectives? What are the soft skills your employee will be measured on?  What are the business goals? The clearer your expectations, the more likely your employee will feel engaged.

 Share the Business’ Culture

Developing a culture takes time. As you increase your workforce, you want to sustain the culture across all your employees. To do that effectively, you need to communicate it. Share your history, talk about your vision and mission.

Schedule Training Sessions

Many business owners skim on training. There is great value in training your new employee. The likelihood of turnover diminishes greatly when employees feel that they are learning and growing within your organization as they work. Companies need to train, mentor and coach their employees from day one, and offer the possibility of professional development. This in turn will engender loyalty and increase retention.

It’s been proven that happy employees are more productive employees. So, if you’re looking to drive bottom line results with state of the art talent management tactics, it’s time to get onboard.”

When It Comes To HR, It’s Better to Know Us Before You Need Us.

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