Needs Assessment

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In order to help us address your needs more effectively, please select the statements you need help with.

Then list the three (3) numbers that are most important to you.

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    1. Making better hiring decisions
    2. Learning to hire based on fit over experience
    3. Learning to hire the right candidates for my business
    4. Reducing my turnover rate
    5. Responding more effectively to poor performance issues
    6. Learning how to terminate employees and avoid litigation
    7. Asking more effective questions during an interview
    8. Avoiding the typical mistakes recruiters do when hiring
    9. Delivering a more effective people needs analysis
    10. A clearer and more purposeful culture
    11. Dealing more effectively with filling vacancies
    12. Developing better retention programs
    13. Gaining a competitive advantage by hiring the right people
    14. Developing a better succession planning process
    15. Developing better policies and procedures for employees
    16. Becoming better at dealing with employees issues
    17. Spending less time dealing with people issues
    18. Increasing employees engagement
    19. Developing a more effective training strategy
    20. Dealing more effectively with implementing change

    The three (3) numbers that are most important to me: