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Many people looking for a job fail to have a brand. They fail to take full advantage of what an effective brand can do to a successful job search. This is even more challenging for an immigrant in Canada. Where to start? What to say? Who to use it with? How to use it? When to use it?

A brand positioning is about your offer that motivates your audiences to take action. Simply put, it’s about convincing the employer you are the only solution to their problems.

What promise are you making to the employer? Does your positioning set you apart? Do your brand values and your personality resonate well with those you are trying to reach? And this is critical: Is all of the above clearly and consistently communicated at every audience touch point, making it easy to differentiate your brand from others? Whether you are on Twitter or LinkedIn or Google+ are you consistent with your brand?

Everybody likes a good story. Stories are entertaining, inspiring, engaging and, above all, human; they connect people to people and organizations to their prospective and existing employers.

As a new immigrant looking for work in Canada, you don’t want to forget about who you are. You are the same person in Canada than the one you were back in your country. Don’t lose sight of that.

Start working on your story now. Who are you? What you do? And why does it make you different and unique? What is your culture? What are your values? What are your beliefs? What is it about your story that would attract an organization to hire you?

Carry your success stories and accomplishments made in your country and make them part of your brand.


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