How to prepare to launch your career?

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1.Be true. Be true to yourself and to others. Don’t lie about your qualifications or what you are capable of doing. The truth always comes out! People will still deal with you if you admit you cannot deliver on something. However, they will look for somebody else if you promise you can and then drop the ball.

2. Be unique.
You cannot build your personal brand while pretending you are someone else. To create a strong personal brand, you want to find yourself. Discover your strengths. Build on your expertise. Remember you are the brand.

3. Have a mission.
Write it down. Share it with others. Having a mission allows you to remain focused on everything you do. Your mission is your anchor in case you drift away from your true-self. Be an inspiration to others.

4.Deliver on your actions.
Have an action plan. Small- to medium-sized projects may not, at first glance, seem to need much thought. But, occasionally, you can overlook a key step or a “to do” item that can derail all your efforts.

5.Give permission to your DNA to shine.
Stay true to your values. Get noticed by what you do differently from others. Have a personal brand.

6. Live a fulfilling life.
Have a purpose. Do things you love. Create your passion. Have fun!


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