Branding? or Self-promoting?

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Ask yourself: What do I want to be known for? What do I don’t want to be known for? What qualities do I want people to associate with me? What am I passionate about that I want to spend 24/7 on?

Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy in their book ‘Branding Yourself. How to use social media to invent and reinvent yourself’, suggest in order to develop a personal brand you need to be passionate about 2 things: the work you do and yourself.

This is very true. The best way to sell and connect with others is through 4 things: warmth, emotions, clicking and stories. If you are not passionate about what you do and who you are you cannot project confidence and warmth. Therefore you are prone to develop a personal brand that will not reflect the look and feel of a strong presence.

Being passionate about yourself is believing in yourself. It’s believing in your abilities. It’s building a strong personal brand that raises awareness and generates interest to what you do and what you represent.

Remember you are unique. Let your DNA guide you. Let your brand BE your DNA. Share your thoughts and opinions simply and connect emotionally with others. You will be remembered for your warmth over your competence.

Art Blakey, legendary jazz musician said : ‘ if you are not appearing, you’re disappearing’.

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