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Is your current employee evaluation system not working? Have you gone through changes and need to set new parameters? You don’t need to make the changes by yourself.

Employee Focus Group

Don’t just solicit input from your leadership team. Ideally, you’ll also want to solicit focus group feedback on what’s working and what’s not. Let your employees tell you what you need redesigned and emphasized for your revised performance management system.

Questions to ask

In order to identify trends and patterns that your revised performance management model should address, you need to ask the right questions.

Let me share a few:

  1. What features of the current performance appraisal system do you like and would like to see carried over into the new system? What are the key attributes of an excellent performance appraisal system?
  2. What would you like to see changed, especially in terms of its emphasis in performance measurement and cultural fit factors?
  3. As you consider a normal day-to-day operation of your business, what type of employee behaviour is essential for you to remain competitive in the marketplace?
  4. What should you specifically measure to define both individual and group performance as well as productivity?
  5. If you have a magic ‘fix anything’ wand that you could wave over your business, what would you want to repair? What types of employee competencies would be needed to be successful in that transition?

Keep on track

The right questions will keep the discussions on track and will help you with collecting opinions representative of your employees and leaders as a whole.Their responses will help you define the key competencies of the new performance system. You will also foster open communication by creating a venue for honest dialog.


Expect to hear other issues regarding inconsistent ratings and inadequate compensation increase, perceptions of favoritism, and inappropriate leadership behaviours. Move forward in designing the new template with these concerns in mind and address specific concerns at a later time.

When you involve your team in changes, you get their buy-in and you have an opportunity to deal with collateral issues that you wouldn’t get from any other forum.  You are NOT alone!




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