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Feel stuck in your current position? Peel off your old label, get a new one and position yourself for something different.

Whether you’re a marketer who wants to go into IT or a doctor who wants to go into marketing, the challenge you face is the same: you have to convince people that you can handle the new position even though you don’t have experience.

To move on to new challenges, you have to negotiate into the new job offering seemingly unrelated skills as an added benefit to the employer. The key for the negotiations is your value brand proposition. Simply put, it’s positioning yourself.

Stand Out

Whether you’re looking for a different job in the same organization or looking to move on to another company, you need to position yourself. You need to state your skills and qualities in such a way that it makes it easy for the prospective employer to see you in the open position.

Let me share the steps you need to follow:

  1. Determine what skills and qualities your prospective employer wants.
  2. Search your background to find where you have demonstrated skills and qualities that would apply.
  3. Write your profile (or value brand proposition) at the top of your resume.
  4. Use the same value brand proposition during an interview, at networking events on your LinkedIn page and other social media you are using.

Your profile should make you stand out. It should describe how your ability, experience and personality bring all your accomplishments together. The employer should see how you can help him/her solve their problems.

Developing your value brand proposition requires a lot of deliberation. However, once you have it down pat, it focuses your entire job search. It forces you to be consistent whenever you introduce yourself during meetings or interviews.

Adapt and Adopt

Omar wanted to leave the energy company he was working in as an operator and wanted to move to the disaster management field. Instead of exhibiting his operator skills, he focused on his experience in emergency management and spoke about his ability to multi-task, sense of urgency and leadership skills in the context of working as part of a team and communicating with ground crews in any given emergency situation. Omar added quantifiable results to his value brand proposition, which has helped the company save thousands of dollars through accident prevention.

Follow the above steps In order to get your resume noticed. Now think about your target market and how you should position your background for your market.

So think about the following:

  • Is your resume getting you interviews?
  • appropriate for your target group?
  • Is it unique?

Aline Ayoub HR Consulting can analyse your resume and recommend what you need to change.

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