What’s In It For Me To Hire You?

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Have you ever wondered why you are not getting the job you’ve been interviewing 8 times in a row for?
Employers are in the driver’s seat in this super competitive market. They have many of you to choose from. So how do YOU get to be hired? How do YOU show-up as the solution to the employer’s problems?

Elvira was working as an IT specialist in Egypt before she immigrated to Canada in 2011. She was getting interviews but was never getting the job!

Explain Your Go-to Potential

I helped Elvira look at her past accomplishments in order to find a consistent theme. She answered the following questions in order to help her articulate her go-to potential:
– What problems you have solved in the past?
– What were the pain points that YOU were successful in eliminated for your employer on your previous job?

Hone In On Your Value

Employers need to hear about the value you provide.  They usually look at 2 things: how you saved the company money and how you made the company’ money. Do you sense a theme here?

By framing her interview answers to showcase how she saved her employer money and solved their problems, Elvira could have reminded the employer that she was a valuable candidate who would, once hired, positively impact the bottom line of the company.

Put it all together

I asked Elvira a series of questions in order to help her package her brand.

–          What’s in it for the employer to hire HER?

–          How would she leverage her go-to potential?

–          What was her game plan for the organization if she got the job?

In other words, Elvira needed to demonstrate what makes her stand out from the pack. She needed to show-up like she was unique.. She needed to demonstrate how HER skillsets will get the Company to the next level.

What happened to Elvira? Through our work together, she found a job as an IT Specialist for a multinational organization.  She’s been happily employed at the same pay scale and responsibility level as back in Egypt.

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