The 3 secrets to jump from a survival job to a dream job

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Ludwig worked 6 years in the Marketing industry in Germany. When he emigrated to Canada in 2011, He found a job as a sales associate for a large retailer. After 2 years being in that job, Ludwig felt the best way out was to underperform, until such time his employer terminates his employment. I was so glad we met! 6 months ago, Ludwig was frustrated, he felt undervalued and wasn’t looking forward to going to work. This situation was consuming him. His 2 younger sons and wife were feeling the impact of his dissatisfaction. The husband and father they used to know was transformed.

The first advice I gave Ludwig was to resign from his job. He needed to get away from what was dragging him down and made him feel like he wasn’t worth it. He needed to work full-time on looking for his career job.

The plan I helped Ludwig develop was comprised of 3 steps:

  1. Identify his expertise;
  2. Understand his target market;
  3. Stand out from others.

Expertise Is Not Just About Ability

Being recognized as an expert is not just a question of knowledge. You need 5 more elements:

– Behavior: do you act like an expert?

– Capabilities: do you have the necessary skills?

– Beliefs: do you believe in your expertise

– Values: is it important to you to be an expert?

– Identity: do you see yourself as an expert

Lurwig needed to boost his self-confidence. He needed to format his experience in such a way a Canadian employer understands. He needed to revive his beliefs in his expertise.

You Can’t Be The Do All and The Be All

Ludwig’s marketing experience is in the packaged goods industry. He searched what his industry requires for talent so he can align his skills. He searched those employers looking for Senior Marketing Managers and understood the culture and values of those employers so he will be more compelled to join them. Ludwig joined the Canadian Marketing Association , attended events and enrolled in seminars and courses in order to brush his skills. He’s involved with volunteering for the CMA.

As such, Ludwig was networking with other marketers, which contributed to finding employment as a Marketing Manager for a packaged goods organization.

Have A Brand That Will Make You Stand Out From Others

I helped Ludwig with defining who is and what he does. He honed on his expertise and ability to adapt and build relationships. This was the foundation of his personal brand.

His brand positioning was the conduit between him and the employer.

It went like this: ‘Ludwig is an innovator and communicator Senior Marketing Manager who specializes in the consumers’ packaged goods industry. Ludwig abilities to research and evaluate new products opportunities while addressing customers’ needs and insights, is phenomenal.’

Ludwig was successful in finding his career job in 6 months as a Senior Marketing Manager in the consumers’ packaged good industry.

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