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Did you know that you only get to know 10% of a person during a job interview? No matter what kind of business you’re running, finding the right employee is not an easy task. But you only realize how taxing this job is when you no longer recognize the people you hired three months into the job.

Sounds familiar?

You need to efficiently ensure you select the right candidates at the right place and the right time, without requiring a huge investment.

Know what you want

How can you expect people to fit the job when you don’t know what you want, and what is to be expected from them? Make sure you document the role. Read our blog on job descriptions.

Prepare for a winning interview

Mentally review the job requirements before the interview. Use the job description to develop leading questions that will lead to enlightening follow-up questions.

Interviews can be stressful to all parties. At the start of the interview, make sure you go over the agenda, how long it will be and what you will cover.

While in the middle of the interview, make sure to read the person’s body language. While asking questions, observe clues to his personality and habits and ask yourself, “Can this person do the job?” and “Will this person be motivated to do the job?”

The closing stage is just as important as the previous two. Allow the candidate to ask questions and make sure you outline the next steps.

Employment assessments

Benefits of using employment assessments:

  1. Employment assessments makes the hiring process easier and more reliable.
  2. Employees who are a good match to the job are 2.5% more productive. Job fit help to identify 3  fundamental things:
    1. If the person CAN do the job
    2. HOW they do the job
    3. If they will ENJOY the job
  3. Information uncovered from assessments helps you rely less on your gut instinct, thus allowing you to make smarter hiring decisions.
  4. Hiring the right fit prevents you from paying hefty penalties for a bad hiring decision, which can often equal 30% of the individual’s first year potential earnings.
  5. Bad hiring decisions account for 30% of employee turnover. Beat the statistics and make sure you’re hiring the best employees for your business.

Lead the pack by using pre-employment assessments and beat the statistics. Your money is much better spent building your business as opposed to fixing hiring errors.


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