Take the word “work” out of Networking.

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Being well connected, both in your business network and in social media, is crucial. In fact, more positions are being filled by word-of-mouth referrals or online searches, rather than the conventional job postings.

Networking is intimidating for many people. However, taking the word ‘work’ out of networking can make a big difference. You’ll be much more successful in networking if your motive is curiosity and getting to know people rather than hustling contacts. People can sense when you’re genuinely interested in discussing ideas and sharing experiences and when you’re interested in knowing them because they can help you. Keep it light and be open-minded. Practive active listening. Don’t put yourself at the forefront of the conversation. You’re turn to speak will come.

Studies has shown it takes 5 to 9 touch points to make a sale. In keeping with this, patience and resiliency is key.

Follow those 10 teps when networking.

1. Introduce yourself and make sure you draw people into your circle.
2. Get to know the person you are speaking with.
3. Spark people’s interest, have them be curious and interested about you.
4. Ask how your expertise can be beneficial.
5. Share a story. Get people’s attention.
6. Show commitment.
7. Show passion and enthusiasm.

8. Watch your body language
9. Ask for the business card and give out yours.

10. Follow-up with a thank you email and other 5 to 9 touch points.

You will drive the attention on yourself, be remembered and ultimately get the person to either buy from you or hire you.

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