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In his article You Won`t Believe How Much Money We Wasted On Bad Hires Randy Frisch, COO of Uberflip says they lost $70K on six bad hires in 2013. “Dollars and time wasted on our 25 rock star team members: priceless“ he adds.

Here are a couple of my key takeaways from experiences in the last year:

  • There’s no such thing as “I’m looking for a role where I can settle in”. The person who has a resume that jumps every 6 months is not just looking for the right fit — they simply don’t fit in anywhere. Don’t assume your company will be their saviour.
  • The candidate who tells you the one hour commute is not going to be an issue is often just excited about the role, ignoring the reality. Only hire these people if they have done the commute before. The honeymoon period sitting on the train or car doesn’t last long.
  • Avoid square pegs and round holes — culture is a huge priority for us, yet too often I looked at accomplishments on a resume over and above cultural fit. A top performer in company A can easily be a Bad Hire in your environment. Do not underestimate the importance of fitting in with your surroundings.”

Randy is not alone. Thousands of entrepreneurs struggle with hiring the right fit.  Let us share with you the

3 Easy Steps To Save Thousands of Dollars When Hiring

Hire Based On Cultural Fit

Even though the resume if the perfect match with what you need, don`t get lured by what you read. Hire based on fit first. “Avoid square pegs and round hole” says Randy Frisch.

Don`t Overlook The Secret Canary In The Mine

Have you ever thought of a cover letter as the precursor to a candidate acing or dying on the interview? I call this the Canary InThe Coal Mine Syndrome. This is where in the old way of mining, the air quality in the mine was determined by whether the very sensitive canaries kept in the mine would die from lung poisoning or not.

A canary dying signal a much bigger disaster for the miners such as cave in or air poisoning so it was a very big deal.

Similarly, in your world of hiring for your small business, the cover letter can be a big deal for pointing to the wrong candidate

Never Hire Alone

Many entrepreneurs fail to consider the value that the right new hire can bring to their business. Hiring good people can be brutally hard! Many entrepreneurs trust their gut feelings to base their hiring decisions on. There is a lot more than intuition to ensure hiring the best for your business. Make sure the candidate is interviewed by other members of your team. They will take note of things you haven’t noticed and you will make better hiring decisions.

In 2014, Randy Frisch will never hire alone. He will get his team’s buy-in first.

I am challenging YOU now. What’s Your plan to reduce costly mistakes when hiring?

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