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Contrary to large corporations who have the resources to initiate and increase employee motivation, employee engagement is not part of the everyday language of small businesses. It is however equally important to small businesses to make their employees engaged. It is also much easier than for large organizations.

Let me share with you the steps that worked very well for a client.

Walk The Talk

By keeping employee engagement top of mind, you will be motivating employees much more. Being personally accessible to employees conveys a huge message. As a small business, you can do this much easier than a large corporation.
Employees feel inspired and motivated when they have access to you as their leader. They feel they are worth the time and effort you took to be with them.

Be Consistent

Motivating others can come easier to some. Managers do not necessarily have the talent to motivate others. But if you are doing it to them regularly, they will feel motivated to get that job done and they will, in turn, motivate their employees. If you are consistent, you will quickly experience the cultural shift in your business and will witness how your employees are consistently putting extra effort in to their work.

Grow And Develop Your Employees

Opportunities for advancement are much larger in a small business because employees have opportunities to be involved in a breath of activities. A smaller scale creates flexibility and opportunity for employees to experience a variety of interesting work.

When your employees `jump in` to do the work that is required, even though that work is not theirs, congratulate them, reward them and share their story with your other employees

Every Step Of The Way

As a small business, the involvement of your employees is often part of more than one department, systems or process. Your employees take more ownership because of their involvement.

Take advantage of this huge opportunity you have as a small business, over large corporations with larger systems and processes. Recognize the impact your employees make on your business and leverage their talent to its fullest potential.

Employee Engagement may not be a word that is commonly used in small companies, but the concept is one that is critical to the success of any organization, large or small. Smaller companies have the opportunity to make an impact on employee engagement that can accelerate growth and leverage the talent they have to their fullest potential.

Maximize your advantage as a small business and make employee engagement a priority. Don`t lose sight of it.. Incorporate the language in your day to day operations. Your employees will stay longer, they will be happier and more productive.

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