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Do you ever feel your resume isn’t representing you in the best way possible? Don’t worry…you’re not alone. Many people don’t spend enough time writing this key document to the next step in your career.  Your resume is not a recap, but rather a tool to get you where you want to go professionally.

There Is So Much More!

A resume is your opportunity to get in the door. It’s a marketing piece that should dynamically present you just the way you want a prospective employee to see you. View our video on the seven steps of Developing Your Career Brand; preparing this key document is just one of those important steps.

You need to develop a resume that’s right for you. You need to position yourself properly for your target market. If your positioning is wrong, then this professional introduction to your talents will tossed as opposed to spiking interest.

The Backbone

A resume is not a job description, and shouldn’t read like one. It’s not a copy and paste of the job posting either. The backbone of the resume is a statement your accomplishments. They support your online profile.

These accomplishments are what will make your candidacy interesting. If properly written, those statements will demonstrate how you can solve the employer’s issues. They will make this document a much more exciting read.

The Profile

The profile outlines exactly what kind of job you want. It is your value brand proposition. It’s the placeholder for what makes you unique and different. It’s the Reader’s Digest version of your accomplishments.

The Resume Type

You don’t want to position yourself higher or lower than where you want to be. Make sure it accurately represents the professional level that you are at.

Give the employer a compelling story of who you are, what you did and how you did it. In doing so, you’ll avoid getting your chance at that next great career move tossed in the bin. You’ll actually stand out because your resume will say just enough about you to get the attention of the prospective employer.


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