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You spend a lot of time and energy working. It doesn’t matter where you work from; if you’re not satisfied and feel miserable every day, then you absolutely need to do something else. You need to find work that you enjoy, work worth investing your time and energy in and work you find satisfying.

It all starts with you

Do you know what your natural way of working is? Do you know the type of work you enjoy doing most? Do you like to work under pressure? Would you rather work for a start-up or a Fortune 500 company? The more you learn about yourself, the better you will be at finding a job that will suit you best.

Aligning work and personality styles

Different people are motivated by different jobs and activities. Therefore, you can focus your job search to make sure that your career choices reflect your personal approach as well as your unique experience and individuality.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to discover your unique way of working? Wouldn’t your career choice be more effective if you understood what your personality traits can do for you? Personality preferences are a key factor in identifying what career success looks like for you.

Shaping your career

Being in a satisfying career doesn’t mean doing the same thing all your life. It means recognizing changes: changes in the workplace, the environment, economic changes, political changes— you get the idea. Thus, it’s important you always assess how these changes are affecting you and your career. Don’t hesitate to assess yourself and revise your career path once in a while. Let’s face it; your personal priorities, situation and lifestyle also change, so allow yourself to indulge in job satisfaction by always being in a suitable work for you.

You have the will. Let me show you the way

Personality type is the starting point behind the way you work. Once you know your personality preferences, you’ll discover the way of working that applies to you. Once you understand your personal approach to working, you can use that knowledge to make informed career decisions.

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