Give your employees an experience, not just employment

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How many times do you attend a business event? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Regardless of how many business events you do or don’t attend, chances are you have left an event disappointed thinking and feeling that it missed the mark. Maybe the audio was bad, maybe lighting made it hard to see, or maybe video just wasn’t good.

But then you can look at the other end of the spectrum. All the tech could have been flawless. Every new piece of technology was made available. All the best talent was there. Even so, you still left disappointed and perplexed. Why, if everything was “perfect“, did the event miss the mark?

Research has found that many people don’t want to go to business events. They don’t want to sit through another breakfast lunch’n learn or listen to speakers.

People Want To Have Experiences

As a leader or business owner, you want to make a conscious decision to craft an experience that appeals to each person on your team whether they are employees, contractors, suppliers or partners.

Companies are much the same. You don’t create a job for your employees, you create an experience. So if you want to create a company that nobody wants to leave, you have to make the experience as pleasant and rewarding as possible. It doesn’t need to cost you much. All it requires is creativity and altruism.

How Do You Create An Experience?

Creating an experience for your employees beyond simple employment will result in longer employee retention. It’ll create a competitive advantage for your company as you will position yourself as an employer of choice. It’s a win-win situation!


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