3 Reasons Why People Leave People

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If you want your business to succeed, you have to acknowledge that your employees are an integral part of that success. Show your employees that you care and make them feel valued at work. After all, your employees are the people who support and drive your business.

Employees will leave you if they feel undervalued and will opt to join a competitor. This will result in great loss for your business.

Three Simple Ways To Show Your Employees You Care

1.       Be Intentional With Everyday Conversations

Often, when communicating with your employees, you are pressed for time. Your communications end up being short, formal and- of course- deprived of any type of emotion.

The next time you need to speak to your employee, think twice. First, check-in on a personal level by simply asking, “How are you doing today?”  Be attentive to the response and use it to engage in a conversation. Then, explain the task at hand and formulate your questions.  Tell them how much you value them as employees and how their contributions to your business have resulted in…you fill the blank.

2.       Throw Out A Challenge

If you hire talent, then you need to keep that talent. The one way to achieve this is to throw out challenges. As a leader, you need to know the strengths of your employees in order to make sure they can rise to any challenge.  You defeat the purpose if you set the bar too high though: you don’t want to set them up for failure! You are looking to recognize their value.  When you assign an employee a challenging task and actually put your trust in them to see it through, what you’re saying is, “I know you’re capable of this, and I trust you’ll do a great job.”

3.       Take Your Employee Out For Lunch

I’ve seen too many businesses just order pizza or cater lunch for the entire team.  Next time, invite your star employee alone and reward them for their accomplishments.  In turn, that employee will feel valued and will stay with you.

As a business owner and leader, one of your most important responsibilities is making your employees feel truly valued.  Let them know that without them, your business, your department—and frankly, you—would be worse off. Doing these three simple things can go a long way.

Tell us what YOU’RE doing to value your employees


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