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Do you have a positive attitude at work? Are you aware of your personal goals? How about the company’s goals? Are you a high performer? Do you go the extra mile? If you’ve answered “no” to most of these questions, chances are you are TOTALLY disengaged. If that’s the case will you ever hear the words: You are promoted to CEO ?

Shared Responsibility

Building an engaging culture in an organization is not solely the employer’s responsibility. You also have a stake in the game as an employee. Remember, you’re the CEO of your career. Therefore, you’re calling the shots! Here’s how to do that:

  1. Solicit performance feedback from your manager.

Don’t wait until the performance review meeting is over to solicit performance feedback. Also, don’t wait until a serious problem develops to ask for coaching. You need to take a proactive approach in soliciting performance feedback and coaching from your manager or supervisor.

  1. Communicate frequently with your manager.

Managers are busy with multiple obligations. The burden is on you to communicate with your manager openly and regularly.

  1. Update your manager on how you’re doing.

Provide your manager with regular updates on progress towards goals achievement, in terms of both how you’re doing the work and what results are you getting.


Studies have shown that there’s a direct correlation between innovation and engagement.  Make sure you get hired by a company that fosters innovation.

Innovation is essential to a high performing organization. Your job is to find those innovative organizations in Canada and get hired by them. As such, you’ll ensure you’re always keeping a high level of engagement. You’ll know what your personal goals are and you’ll be a high performer.

Be accountable to yourself for your success.

Take responsibility and empower yourself by setting measurable, realistic goals and staying focused on and heading in the right direction to attain them. You’ll be successful because of who you are, not who you aren’t. By leaning on your unique talents and strengths, you can make the most of each day at work, and engagement will follow. Be sure to celebrate your achievements and keep setting the bar higher.

A recent Gallup study showed that eight out of 10 managers aren’t very motivating to work for. Employees who are looking for a more fulfilling experience at work might want to take a more active role in nurturing their own engagement.

Develop a sense of purpose and own it! Think about how you work best and what conditions set you up for success. Consider the habits – good and bad – that contribute to or chip away at your engagement. What is one good habit that you can foster starting today that will enhance your career and job engagement? Let us know – we’d love to hear from you!




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