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This is the second part of our two-series of blogs on the multigenerational workforce. We defined who they were and what they were known for. We will now provide advice on how to manage them and make sure you maintain a healthy working environment.

Now What?

Generally speaking, leaders and employees must communicate in the way each person prefers. Bringing employees of different generations together for team-building exercises and ice-breakers are best strategies to get generations to know each other.

Leaders should actively intervene when there’s a dysfunction caused by misunderstandings and general judgements. Cultural expectations can be overcome if leaders allow employees to work in the style that’s best for them.

Managing Traditionalists

Older workers need to stop using ‘done that; or ‘been there’. They must be told by their leaders to stop that language since it is nit engaging and will not help them with working with other generations.

Traditionalists must be involved in teams. They want to use their strengths and knowledge and are looking for recognition. Ask them a lot of questions and make sure you listen.

Managing Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers work better when you show you care, give them a challenging job and frequent recognition. Baby boomers enjoy face-time meetings and frequent feedback. Baby boomers are known to like to be given the chance to talk, frequently.

Managing Gen Xers

Gen Xers watch to leaders to do what they said they would do. They like to be treated as equals: coach them as opposed to direct them.  As their leader, be honest, direct and candid. Provide them with reassurance and proof. They’ve seen their parent work hard until to be let go. Therefore, Gen Xers lost faith in their leaders. You need to gain it back. Use written goals, separate career from life and involve them in teams.

Managing Millennials

They need to be encouraged for their enthusiasm and willingness to try new things. Leaders are encouraged to negotiate with Millennials as oppose to dictate. Give frequent and instant Feedback; explain how the job will help them in their career. Make the job interesting for them, keep the energy high and, use technology to the max.

The best leaders recognize the nuances and understand how to engage a multigenerational workforce. Leaders and employees must adapt to each generation and generations must adapt to each other.


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