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You may have great technology. However if your employees’ performance doesn’t keep up to date with technology, it deflates their value. Those employees that create drama impact negatively your bottom line. Too many leaders ignore how emotionally expensive employees who cause drama are.

Value emotional effectiveness

Very few leaders coaching for accountability focus on emotional effectiveness. They often coach their employees on performance. They are missing the point. The key factor driving performance is personal accountability, which also drives your bottom line value. In order to drive bottom line value, whether it’s in performance or market share, reward those employees not creating drama. Those are the employees stressed by what is happening to them and not by their own reality. You need employees aligned with the organization. You need their buy-in. You need to hold your employees accountable and your employees have to commit to take that learning and leverage it.

Diagnose performance improvement opportunities

Three easy steps:

  1. Awareness: make your employee aware of their blind spots. Provide consistent input to help them understand the results from their own actions.
  1. Act: move your employee to the accountability place. Ask them to build a plan to behave a different way. Many performance plans fail because employees don’t own them.
  1. Check-in: reward and recognize new behaviour.

Create a culture of accountability

Creating a culture of accountability is about getting your employees to own their results. It’s about making things happen because of them, not in spite of them. It’s about helping your employees personalize the results and say: this is mine. Give your employees the ability to account for how they got their results and the ability to respond differently in the future. Build ownership of developing, planning and delivering value to your organization.

Help employees change their mindset. For example, coach them asking: what can I do to get the information I need? As opposed to: why doesn’t anyone tell me anything?

When you coach on emotional effectiveness, the key factor is having employees personally accountable.

When you create a culture of accountability, your employees will grow and develop to insure they perform well in the future. As such, your employee’s performance will be sustainable and will keep up to date with technology and organizational changes.

Best wishes with your performance improvement focused on personal accountability. I would love to read your stories!



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