Using the MBTI® Tool to Develop Engaging Training Sessions

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Written by Shawn Bakker

Individuals’ learning styles are shaped by what and how they prefer to learn. To keep your sessions interesting and useful to people they need to fit with attendees different learning styles.

Personality type influences how an individual learns, and accommodating learning style differences will make the sessions you lead more effective. Below is a brief description of aspects of individuals’ learning styles that are shaped by their type preferences. Think about incorporating different methods in your training programs to engage people with different learning styles. Of course this will require you to mix things up a bit, and use activities that you yourself may not find natural. Yet it may be the way to conduct more satisfying and effective training programs.

Extraverts prefer

  • active and interactive sessions
  • asking and answering questions
  • learning in group settings

Introverts prefer

  • working on tasks in a quiet environment
  • reading, listening and observing
  • individual or small group projects

Sensors prefer

  • hands on learning
  • relevant, concrete facts
  • real world applications

Intuitives prefer

  • relationships between facts and ideas
  • theories and models
  • exploration and brainstorming

Thinkers prefer

  • analyzing and evaluating
  • a logical reason for learning
  • considering pros and cons

Feelers prefer

  • a personal reason for learning
  • relating learning to personal needs and experiences
  • case studies and stories

Judgers prefer

  • structured learning environments
  • clear learning goals
  • agendas, timelines, objectives

Perceivers prefer

  • flexible learning environments
  • options and alternatives to explore as their learning progresses
  • gathering information

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