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I learned about assessments when I first started my career in Human Resources. That was 30 years ago. I found myself going back to the assessment report whenever I was dealing with a difficult situation at work.

Thankfully I was in the right field. As it turned out, Human Resources were part of the list of jobs suited to my personality type.

It Starts with You

Whether you’re just starting your career, pursuing it, looking for change, or exploring business ideas, it’s highly recommended that you take an assessment. You spend a lot of time looking for a job and then spend as much time (or more) working. So it’s important to make sure that the work you choose is satisfying.

But what makes it satisfying? Work becomes satisfying if it suits you and allows you to do the things you enjoy. However, work that is suitable and enjoyable for one person may be totally unsuitable for another.

Taking Advantage of your Natural Way of Working

We all have an approach to the people, the things, and the world around us. Usually, that approach comes comfortably and naturally. From the time we are babies, we show definite preferences and ways of acting and thinking. Can you think of a time when you put on a show during a family reunion, while your youngest sister hid in her room? Or maybe it was the other way around! There are innate personality traits that make you unique and different from others.

How to Find Your Perfect Career Path

Finding the career path that is right for you requires self-understanding, knowledge of possible work options, and a plan for career change and development. Let me share the few first steps to get there:

  1. Discover how your personality preferences link to your natural way of working.
  2. Identify potential areas of growth and development.
  3. Explore your unique combination of personal attributes.
  4. Use a step-by-step process to shape your career.

Find Success

Discovering your personality type will help you assess whether you are a Contributor, Expeditor, Explorer or Responder. Or maybe you’re an Analyzer, Assimilator, Enhancer or Visionary. Or perhaps an Extrovert or an Introvert. Once you discover YOUR personality preference, you unleash the different occupations at which you will be successful. You’ll be able to base your career on who you REALLY are.


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