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First, I’d like to welcome my readers to the new year. Thank you for being loyal and for sharing your feedback throughout the year.

Let me share with you the HR priorities of 2017:

  1. A different approach to performance management

Earlier we made a plea about why you still need to measure performance, because we believe in the relevancy of performance appraisals. However, what needs to change are the approach and the process.

Employers will need to drive breakthrough performance in a work environment comprised by a multigenerational workforce, diversity, cultural differences and multiple locations. Since employees remain a small business’ largest expense and greatest competitive advantage. It’s  not the products or services that will make them successful, but the people who develop and deliver them. So, since there is a link between employees’ service and employees’ engagement, the challenge for small business owners will be to keep up with the rapidly changing workforce while managing the performance of their employees.

We say, let go of the lengthy review. Let go of labeling and ratings. Make room for instant feedback and concrete suggestions.

Take an on-going approach to performance management. Don’t make it an event.

  1. A culture that just doesn’t sit on a wall

In our recent article Making Mistakes Deserves Respect, we spoke about how a company’s brand can destroy the business.

First, let me start off by saying brand is culture and culture is brand. Therefore, as a small business, you need to be careful with how you apply your culture. It’s a very fragile concept.

Take a manufacturing business for example. Process is important; quality is important, effectiveness and speed are important. But if your employees have a positive experience every time they come to work, that’s what builds your reputation.

Think about this: turning a negative culture around is hard. Very hard. In fact, you cannot fix a culture.

However, if your organizational structure is aligned with your culture, chances are those employees you hire fit with your culture. The buck doesn’t stop here. You need to breathe and live the culture so it doesn’t just sit on a wall.

  1. Refreshed leadership capabilities

We defined modern leadership as Leadership 3.0. Here we want to take this a step further.

The biggest challenge leaders face is leading while generating job satisfaction. To be good leaders, business owners must understand what motivates their employees. They need to build trusting relationships and make informed, unbiased decisions for the good of their team and business.

Many more priorities are emerging. Stay tuned for more articles.


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