Award yourself with an OSCAR. Don’t overlook the fine prints.

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By now you’ve all probably seen the infamous mix-up on the Oscar stage. You might think that such a thing would never happen to you, but you’re wrong. Things like that happen to entrepreneurs all the time. They are not so easily corrected as switching an envelope.

A quick check—an audit—would’ve caught the mix-up before it even happened. But hindsight is 20/20, and it’s time to learn from the Oscar’s mistakes. It’s time for an audit—the one that can probably save you the most money. It’s an audit on how you conduct yourself with your employees: an HR audit.

Because of the multitude laws affecting each stage of the employment process, it’s extremely important for an employer to regularly conduct an HR analysis of your policies and practices. This helps identify regulatory compliance issues if they exist and avoids potentially costly fines and/or lawsuits if these issues are ignored.

An employer overlooking regulatory compliance with their human resource practices could face:

  • A fine of $1,100 for any violation of the appropriate payment of overtime for non-exempt employees in accordance with the Employment Standards Act.
  • Penalties as high as $10,000 each occurrence for failing to post required safety notices or keeping accurate records.

Sections of Review Include:

  • Offers (full-time, contract, part-time etc.)
  • Hiring and Onboarding
  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Performance evaluation process
  • performance management
  • Termination process and exit interviews
  • Job descriptions
  • Employees file review

Things that get measured get done

Once the audit is complete, you know how you are doing in the following areas:
Once the audit is complete, the following areas let you know how your doing:

Compliance: policies, procedures and regulations that apply to the business at its current and projected size.  The issues are critical and carry significant risk.  This category includes OADA and Health & Safety compliance.

Culture:  these are the practices, procedures and policies that create retention and successful recruitment.  By aligning areas such as performance feedback, benefits, compensation, and development with the desired culture it’s easier to attract and retain the right employees in the right positions – and make changes when necessary.

The outcomes of this audit is where the work starts.  We help you develop a human resource plan and identify what type of employees is needed to execute the operating plan, with clear business goals. Focusing on sales, profits, quality, and turnaround times.

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