Why Are Manhole Covers Round?

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Why are manholes covers round? Is one of the questions asked to the wannabe Googlers. Google wants to assess creativity and problem-solving. In other words, Google is looking for a quick answer that proves not only the candidate is agile, but logical, adaptable and math-minded.
But what these “trick” questions can’t highlight is a quality that Pappalardo sees as not only more human, but more vital to the majority of careers–positions where customer or client interaction is essential. That quality is integrity.

How can you measure integrity when interviewing a candidate? Below are examples of questions to ask.

1. “We are often confronted with the dilemma of having to choose between what is right and what is best for the company. Give at least two examples of situations in which you faced this dilemma and how you handled them.”

2. “How would you describe the ethics of your company? In which areas do you feel comfortable and uncomfortable with them? Why?”

3. “Give me an example of an ethical decision you have had to make on the job. What factors did you consider in reaching this decision?”

4. “Have you ever observed someone stretching the rules at work? What did you do about it?”

5. “Have you ever had to bend the rules or exaggerate a little bit when trying to make a sale?”

Why Integrity Is Important

It is no surprise that employees with integrity shine.  They do not undermine their fellow workers, they work just as hard whether they are being watched or not, they can always be counted on to do their best, and they will be honest enough to admit it if they have made mistakes.  They won’t pass the blame, but they will share the credit.  They are an inspiration to others, creating a positive and upbeat work environment

Why Are Manholes Covers Round?

If you choose to ask that question and are unsure of the answer, here it is: Manhole Covers are round so they can’t fall down the manhole. That simple.

The answer is critical to your future success

How important is integrity in your workplace?  What can you do to make a difference?  As an employer, do you encourage and model integrity? How do you do that?  Leave a comment below!


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