Lead your life. Have fun.

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I was playing Monopoly the other day. My friend was bargaining a property I owned. It was getting so real, I thought to myself… ‘This feels like real life!’

Like Monopoly, life is about taking risks, making choices, owning properties. Going to jail for some and going bankrupted for others. Then we start all over again. Just like Monopoly.

However, we have fun playing Monopoly. And forget about having fun in our real life.

I started “having fun” when I decided to run my own business. I started “having fun” when I created my passion, posted my passion on sticky notes all over my house and made it happen. I started “having fun” when I decided to hone on my strengths to the benefit of others.

Running our own business has its own challenges. However, the rewards are so big it makes you forget about all the challenges you had to overcome. Same thing applies to running your career or running your own life, for that matter.

Take charge of your passion. Promote yourself to CEO of your life. Identify what makes you unique and share your uniqueness with the world. Don’t wait. You own this to yourself. Develop YOUR personal Brand. Be successful. Have fun!

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