Just Do It!…Why it’s Harder to Be a Good Leader?

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Leadership has been described as one of the least understood concepts across all cultures and civilizations. Over the years, many researchers have stressed the prevalence of this misunderstanding, stating that the existence of several flawed assumptions, or myths, concerning leadership often interfere with individuals’ perception of what leadership is all about.

Lead By Example

Leading by example has been galvanized over and over again. Why? Because the economic landscape has changed. Job security has become a myth. As a result, leadership traits such as acknowledging failure and delegating freely are harder to apply. Leaders are afraid of losing their jobs!

Respect Is Earned

Leaders aren’t given respect. They need to earn the respect of the people they lead. This is where the concept of personal branding takes on its essence. You need to believe, deep within, in what you say and how you say it. Your actions need to support what you say. You need to live by and act on your brand.

Increase Your Followers

Social Media is interference for leadership. In today’s fast-moving pace of information sharing, we are always under pressure to act now, rather than spend time reasoning things through and thinking about the true facts. Avoid rushing into the solutions phase when dealing with your team. Rather, take time to ask questions and think before you act.True leaders increase their followers by connecting with their true selves.

Keep Trying New Things

Get with the program! Leadership is not a one-way relationship. Enlist your followers to try new things. Ask for their feedback.Pay attention to the things that have been effective in the past and always be on the lookout for new ways to inspire, motivate and reward group members.

Be teachable

A team member can have more experience than you do, as his leader (boss). Don’t be resentful. If there are things about your job you need to know, take advantage of the strengths around you. Stay strong by acknowledging someone else’s value to your team.

There are so many variables in today’s workplace that makes it harder and harder to lead. One thing that doesn’t change is change. As a leader, learn to adapt to this ever changing landscape. The more you adapt the better a leader you will be.

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