Have You Hired A Thief In Your Business?

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Intellectual property theft is one of the leading threats facing companies today. Yet, many companies lack a clear understanding of exactly what their intellectual property is — and more to the point, what it’s worth. “Protecting intellectual property rights is critical. When intellectual property is compromised, whether by theft or carelessness, a business can lose value instantly and at worst permanently.” says David Stewart, a leading practitioner with Deloitte’s Forensic & Disputes Services practice.

Past Behaviour May Predict Future Behaviour

Predicting how human beings will act in the future is an important but difficult task. No one can be sure what or why another person thinks in certain patterns. While past behavior may predict future behavior, the correlation is by no means perfect, nor should one expect it to be. It is only a clue in determining how an individual will act and react on the job. This is the reason that employers check past employer recommendations, run background checks and contact personal references before making their hiring decision.

There Is More You can Do

Although I am thinking of polygraph services, I am suggesting another reliable way to make sure you are not hiring a thief. It’s called Step One Survey II® (SOSII). SOSII measures integrity, substance abuse, reliability and work ethic.

SOSII helps organizations reduce hiring risk in a quick and cost-effective manner. It is a scientifically designed assessment tool that helps answer these questions:
“Can this applicant be trusted?”
“Is this applicant drug free?”
“Is this applicant dependable?”

What’s the next step?

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