Dress Up Your Brand Like You Own It

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Employers are in the driver’s seat in this super competitive market.  They have many of you to choose from.  So how do YOU get to be hired? How do YOU show up as the solution to the employer’s problems? You must dress up your brand like you own it and we’re going to show you how.

Dress Up Your Brand With a Personal Brand Proposition

A brand proposition is an offer that motivates your audiences to take action. Simply put, it’s about convincing the employer you are the only solution to their problems.

  • What problems you have solved?
  • What are the pains did YOU successfully eliminate while on the job?

Hone in on Your Professional Value

Employers need to hear about the value you provide.  They usually look at 2 things: how you saved the company money,  and how you made the company money.

Clear Messaging: Put it All Together

  • What’s in it for the employer?
  • How will you leverage your go-to potential?
  • What is your game plan for the organization?

When you are selling the “you,” you sell your strengths, accomplishments and expertise. You sell the bright side of “you.” Think about this: once a Nike running shoe leaves the production line and gets in the retail stores, the customer sees and feels the best of the running shoe. Initial design trials or production trials are not shared with the consumer. Once the running shoe is ready for sale, it’s at its perfect phase. The phase that will make you buy it.

When you’re selling yourself as a product, you show up as the perfect candidate to the employer. You show up as a commodity the employer would want to buy in order to be successful. Would you like some coaching and support through your next career transition? Contact Aline! She’s coached many professionals, just like you, to get the job of their dreams.

Get the employer to touch and feel what you are all about. Sell your features and get the employer to buy them!


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