Did You Say Job-Fit? How About Experience?

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Cultural fit can cover a variety of characteristics, but ultimately, Nancy Rothbard, an associate professor of management at The Wharton School says, the question hiring managers should be looking to answer is, does this candidate’s values align with those of the company, be they work-life balance, corporate mission or how to handle a customer phone call.

Fit In or Not Fit In

It’s the degree of congruence across an individual’s strengths, needs and wants in a particular job, and work environment. When interests align, the employee and the organization experience a good fit. By identifying innate personality traits, abilities and behaviors, assessing job fit determines if a person CAN do a job, HOW they will do a job, and if they will ENJOY the position. Every individual is motivated and driven by different influences. Job fit outlines the unique job-related qualities that make a person productive.

You Can Gain Experience

Employees can decide what field they’d like to gain experience in. They can find a mentor, volunteer, study, read material on the topic.  You can jump in, do it and…learn from your mistakes.

The difference between the ‘right fit’ and the ‘right experience’ is that you don’t get to learn how to ‘fit in’. They do or theydon’t.

Look first for the fit when hiring. Experience comes next.

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