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The Myers-Briggs Type Instrument (MBTI) is not an assessment of your personality. It’s not a measurement of who you are. It’s a dynamic theory of personality that indicates your preferred way to be.

• Learn how you prefer to focus your attention and get energy (Extraversion or Introversion).
• Learn the way you prefer to take in information (Sensing or Intuition).
• Learn the way you prefer making decisions (Thinking or Feeling).
• Learn how you become aware of things, people and ideas and how you process or come to conlusions about what has been perceived (Judging or

There is no right or wrong to the preferences. This is what I like about Myers-Briggs. Each type has its own potential strengths, as well as its likely blind spots.The merit of the personality differences is that it enables us to expect specific personality differences in particular people and to cope with the differences in a constructive way.

One aspect of life influenced by our preferences is our job.

The sensing types are more concerned about the stability of the job than its nature. They are drawn to occupations that let them deal with a constant stream of facts. The intuitives are looking for fulfillment in the job itself, preferable by doing something more creative. They like situations in which they can look at possibilities.

People who prefer thinking are more skillful in handling matters that deals with inanimate objects, machinery, principles or theories. None of which have any inconsistent or unpredictable feeligs and all of which can be handled logically. Feeling types are better skilled in matters involving people, what they value, and how they can be persuaded or helped.

When people choose an occupation, they should carefully consider how much use the job will make of their own preferred kind of perception and kind of judgment. It is easier to accept a job cheerfully when you have the opportunity to use your preferred processes.

Extraverts tend to be more interested and effective when things are happening around them and they are working actively with objects or people. Introverts tend to be more interested and effective when their work involves ideas and requires a good deal of their activity to take place quietly inside their head.

Judging types, especially those who refer sensing, like their work to be organized, systematic and foreseeable. Often to the point of knowing what they will be doing next Thursday at 4:00 PM. Perceptive types, especially those who prefer intuition, want their work to be the response of their needs of the moment.

Any team should include a variety of types. When a team is aware of the personality type of the group, it increases morale and effectiveness. They cooperate better with each other and communicate more effectively.

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