3 Steps To Prevent Your New Hire From Turning Into A Lead Balloon

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Hiring is the most difficult task for an entrepreneur.  Once you pass the hurdle of the actual hiring, you need to ensure you made the right choice. You need to maximize the new hires’ strengths.

Here are 3 steps that will help you make the most of your new hire and still recognize him /her after 3 months in the job.

Step #1: Create a Training Program

The goal of this program will be to bring the new person up to speed with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for successful completion of the new job. Simply because a candidate was successful in a similar job at another organization does not ensure this person will be successful in your organization.

Your program should include the following steps: 1) Identify his/her goals; 2) Create a schedule; 3) Communicate effectively; 4) Encourage feedback.

Step #2: Monitor His/Her Progress

Provide immediate feedback on all aspects of job performance. Don’t wait for the end of the typical 90-day review period to catch the person doing something right or wrong. Immediate feedback provides the immediate opportunity for growth and improved performance.

Have metrics in place to monitor what has been completed. Break the program down into sections so you will know how far your new hire has come and what’s left. You may want to utilize a tool like a spreadsheet on which the employee’s name is placed on the left side in rows and course sections are placed on top in columns. This will create a matrix  which you can reference when necessary and conveniently track the progress every step of the way.

Step #3: Develop a Mentoring System

Choose the most respected individual in your business as a mentor. A mentor will show the new hire “how things are done around here” as well as possible landmines, processes, norms and unwritten rules.

I advise to my clients to use mentors especially if their workforce demographics are comprised of different minority groups.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to create a workable job description, provide timely feedback to the new hire, and create a training program and mentoring system to prevent your new hire from turning into a lead balloon.
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