Do Your 2014 Resolutions Reflect The Future Of Recruiting?

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The traditional recruitment process of job boards and endless interviews is just not working for small businesses. The challenge is not that there is a shortage of talent, but that the current systems and processes in use are mostly ineffective in this era. Small businesses need to completely transform the way they search for and engage with talent. In keeping with this reality, let me help you draft your resolutions regarding the hiring of your people.

Go Mobile

77% of job seekers use mobile job search apps. Utilize social media by getting your business and jobs out in front of the talent you need. You can do this by using industry-specific hashtags to create conversations involving your company. Twitter chats are also an invaluable resource for discussing issues and connecting firsthand with great candidates. These chats can be centered on your specific industry. Make sure to go to places where you know the best candidates will be and reach out using social media to create meaningful connections.

It must be insanely simple for the candidate to navigate, apply and gain insights about your business. When candidates can apply with one click using their LinkedIn profile, they are 1,000 times likelier to go through with the application process.

Hire As A Marketer Not A Recruiter

One of the biggest challenges of small businesses is to make time to build an employer brand in order to attract talent. In a recent meeting with a client, I found they had a clear understanding of how many employees they needed to hire, however, focusing on numbers is a short-term strategy and once their recruiting needs will change again they will have to devote a lot of work and time once again.

The benefit of developing a strong employer brand is to set up your business for a long-term success. When you make time for defining messages and communication strategies that generate potential candidates’ interest, you cut the time spent on recruiting and increase attraction potential.

Create A Culture Of Social Responsibility

It is possible for small businesses to be socially responsible. No need to take giant steps. The little ones will count. Be seen as one who genuinely takes care of the environment in which the candidates you are interviewing live. Here are some examples: recycle, reduce energy consumption, collaborate with other businesses, volunteer locally,

Incorporating a culture that matters will help you attract candidates to your business.


Be Personal

As a small business, being more personal with your communications is more manageable than big corporations. Stay away from templates. Use the candidates’ name, personalize your messaging. The right software can personalize those automated communications.

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