10 Essential Steps to Former Executive Immigrants Getting their Dream Job

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Job worries affect us all thanks to the state of the global economic climate and the fact that there is seemingly no loyalty in business anymore. For recent immigrants who were former executives prior to moving to a new country, the concerns are likely to be far higher. Exacerbating the issue is the fact that these highly qualified immigrants are on their own in a new country when it comes to earning an income and supporting their family. In their new ‘home’, they may perhaps feel that they no longer have the safety net of a social system or family and friends to help them find a job. In fact, the reality facing new immigrants of high education and high earn ing potential are often very harsh:
  • The unemployment rate for university educated immigrants is four times that of similarly educated Canadian-born residents.
  • And that university-educated newcomers earn an average of 67 per cent of their Canadian-born, university-educated counterparts.
  • Did you also know that 60 per cent of skilled immigrants work at a lower occupational level than they did before moving to this country?